11 August 2010


Everyone has been waiting...When is it going to come?

Now it's here, the new album of Steve Grahn-Mattias Malm. The album includes eleven original titles, some of them inspired by their travelling to Memphis.


The release will take place during the City Festival of Malmoe 20-27 August and the record will be avaible at the Blues Tent.

A concert, featuring the new material, will also be held at the Blues Tent on the 27th ofAugust, 5.30 pm.


Although the title of the new album is 'Final Route' we are all convinced that this will not be their last road they are travelling.


For ordering, visit Discography.



8 August 2010

Tribute to the icon

In the end of the summer Steve and Mattias was invited to perform at the annual event Cornelsdagen in Stockholm. The event is a tribute to the of Swedish sing and songwrighters, Cornelis Vreesvijk. It was a real honor to be there, among many of the most prominent Swedish musicians.


The duo has had their most busiest summer ever performing in Germany, Denmark, Stockholm, even at Skivarp at the southswedish countryside. And it's not over yet.


Coming up are some gigs in Copenhagen and, of course, the annual Festival of Malmoe. Please, follow their giglist at 'Steve Grahn at Myspace' (link above).



6 May 2010

Hotter than ever

During the cold spring time the blues had kept Steve and Mattias rather warm. There has been a lot of gigs, mostly around Malmoe City, and now as the summer approches they have been honored with gigs as warming up band for Walter Trout (Malmoe), to attend at "Cornelis-dagen" (Stockholm) , Eutin (Germany) and a charity event in Southern Sweden(Dannero/Skivarp). Please, follow their giglist at 'Steve Grahn at Myspace' (link above).



27 January 2010

Walking in Memphis

Steve and Mattias has been in Memphis, Tennessee, and enjoying there time on Bealestreet. Unfortunatly they didn't make it for the finale, but instead got fresh inspiration, maybe for a new album to come.



Read our reports from Tennessee

During our stay in Memphis we will, in the matter of time, be wrighting on this blog:



14 Dec 2009

Preparing for Memphis

Steve Grahn and Mattias Malm are now preparing for the big blues challenge i Memphis, Tennessee. A very exciting start of the new decennia. During four days, 21-24 January, about 180 acts will take place all over Memphis town. Don't need to say the competition will be pretty hard.


Right now the biggest problem for Steve and Mattias is not getting their act together but to get their guitars over there. Safely.


Keep following the updates on this page.


And of course, check out the info at www.blues.org

Steve mottar Det Händers Kulturpris 2009.

Steve Grahn & Mattias Malm are attending the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN January 21-24 2010.

Nov 26 2009

Det Händer's Cultural Prize 2009

It's lika a holding a ketchup bottle upside down. At first there comes nothing, then nothing and then suddenly, everything. Now at the end of this year, and decennia, Steve recives another award. It's the biggest event magazine of Southern Sweden 'Tidningen Det Händer', honoring Steve with their annual prize for "cultural-humanistic work".



The motivation goes:

"He knows his ABC - and D - like no other swedish blues musician, and he also has proven that he manage the key of E, F and G. With a big heart, bumping for the roots and blues music, a original virtuoso and as a vice chairman of the biggest and most progressive blues association in Sweden, he has placed himself as one of the best musicians and managers within this genre."

Ola Sjösten, vice manager of 'Tidningen Det Händer'


Motiveringen lyder:

”Han kan sin A-, B- , C- och D-lära som ingen annan svensk bluesmusiker men har även bevisat att han också behärskar E-, F- och G-skalan. Med ett stort hjärta som klappar för roots- och bluesmusiken, oefterhärmlig virtuos och som ordförande i Sveriges största och mest vitala bluesförening har han placerat sig som en av landets bästa musiker och arrangör inom genren.”

Ola Sjösten, VD Tidningen Det Händer


Läs artikel i Expressen

Steve mottar Det Händers Kulturpris 2009.

Steve Grahn recives The Cultural Prize 2009 from Ola Sjösten, editor of the Magazine 'Det Händer'. Photo: Tidningen Det Händer


Steve Grahn - Mattias Malm:

Winner at Baltic Blues Challange

(Eutin, Germany, October 31 2009)


Jefferson Blues Magazine wrote:


"Absolutly fair!

Steve Grahn acted very calm and sang with a natural authority which made a strong impression. At the time when Mattias Malm picked up the dobro and played a beautiful version of 'Dark Was The Night' he managed to get the noisy audience absolutely silent for a couple of minutes."

(Translated by the webmaster)


"Helt rättvist!

Steve Grahn sjöng med en självklar auktoritet och ett visade upp ett värdigt lugn som gjorde starkt intryck. När sedan Mattias Malm spelade andlöst vackert på sin dobro, hans tolkning av Dark Was The Night fick en stimmig lokal att för ett par minuter vara knäpptyst."


The duo will now move on to the next step of the challenge, which is:


International Blues Challange

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

21-24 Januari 2010


Läs artikel i Skånskan

Steve and Mattias at Baltic Blues Challenge 2009 (Eutin, Germany)

Steve Grahn and Mattias Malm playing at the Baltic Blues Challenge in Eutin, Germany. October 2009. Photo by BBC


Steve and Mattias awarded at Baltic Blues Challenge 2009 (Eutin, Germany)

Steve Grahn and Mattias Malm beeing awarded at the Blues Challenge. October 2009. Photo by BBC.


Under våren stod det klart att Steve Grahn tilldelats det mest ärofyllda bluesstipendiet, Janne Rosenqvists Minnespris.


Den officiella prisutdelningen skedde i juli på Åmåls Bluesfestival där Steve Grahn för övrigt också var hårt anlitad.


Steve var nominerad av Scandinavian Blues Association och Svenska Bluesföreningen. Omröstningen skedde i bluesmagasiner Jefferson.


Förutom prispengar får Steve äran att åka till Tyskland och tävla i Baltic Blues Challenge.

Jefferson delar ut pris till Steve Grahn

Steve Grahn tilldelas årets stipendie ur Janne Rosenqvist minnesfond. Prisutdelare var Birgitta Larsson från bluestidningen Jefferson.